THE MAN I MARRIED by chance…

So there was this bridge. A small crossover. Maybe just a meter or two long. And a stream of water flowing below the crossover. Some muddy, fishy water which just did not feel right to step in. The depth of the stream wasn’t too deep though, but the water in there just didn’t feel right. And this could also be a reason why there was made a crossover bridge to cross that stream


It was 2015, and my first trip to the magical place ‘GOA’. As I was crossing this stream on a busy Arambol beach, my then boyfriend, he turned back after crossing the bridge himself and gave me a sign, a clear signal, to be careful! He insisted my other friend to let me cross before her.

And his expressions! He clearly did not want me to slip by any chance! He extended a hand, although he could still not reach me. But he extended a hand in anxiety and made me cross the bridge with his sub-conscious mind.

It’s 2018 and here I am. 3 years have passed already and i am married. I married a man 4 years elder to me. No! the age difference has got nothing to do with anything, but just an information.

I am married and I was just not in the best of my moods yesterday, when i had this little quarrel with my husband. I was upset because something had hurt me. I was crying, when he made another ruthless remark saying that his head was already aching and that i was making it even worse. He said that every time, every now and then i am picking on the same quarrels and cries.


He absolutely slammed me by saying that he could no more care enough to argue with me. And that he did not want to talk. I got up and rushed to the bathroom, when my voice rumbled into a loud cry and I shut this bathroom door, cried aloud and sat down on the wet floor because i could just not hold myself up. I could just not contain myself.

I absolutely lost myself, crying over the fact that how he had changed over the last three years. How the one who did not absolutely want me to slip or fall and hurt myself, had now hurt me himself and did not care enough to even wipe my tears, or to hold me by when I rushed to the bathroom. Yes! My boyfriend was THE MAN I MARRIED…